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MessageSujet: RVL Jugend   Dim 6 Nov - 10:20

In 2010 GAMMA RAY has supported the RVL Youthgoup from Hannover / Germany by signing tons of CDs, Pic-LPs and providing us with merchandise and fan collectibles.

Together with other great bands like Edguy, Saxon, Iron Savior and a lot of other bands they made it possible for the Rowing-Youth (of webmaster Harald) to buy two new high quality boats especially for kids from “EMPACHER”, the “Ferrari” between the rowing-boats.

Kai Hansen loved to take part in these charity auctions especially because he had been rowing himself during his youth and had some kind memories of that time talking about rowing. He still wants to row again and we already talked about some kind of rowing competition between Metal-Bands in the future!

GAMMA RAY and YOU have been one of the leading mainstay getting the amount of almost 5000 Euros all together - Gamma Ray: 1700 Euros!

We are still very thankful for YOUR support and the one of each band member of GAMMA RAY. The kids already won a lot of races in the great new boats and they are used every training-day!

Today we ask for your support again and try to count on the huge Facebook community of GAMMA RAY. Therefore we ask you to give your votes (3 times is possible) for us at the following link, where we try to be one of the first 1000 participants:

Get an impression of your youthgroup at &

To vote:
Arrow Click our site right here:
Arrow Click “Stimme abgeben”
Arrow ENTER your e-mail address and the security code and SEND
Arrow You will get an e-mail with a link where you have to confirm your vote
Arrow Press “ABSTIMMEN” again

To give us all your three votes do these steps three times!

We have more than 56.000 “Like it” and about 400 people are talking about Gamma Ray on Facebook, so show us all the power that’s behind it!

If we win, we will aim for another new rowingboat called “SKELETONS & MAJESTIES”

Thank you very much for your support! YOU ROCK!

Donc voilà Gamma Ray (entre autres) va vendre des bricoles pour false pour un programme de charité, il suffit de suivre les instructions pour voter pour eux sur le site en question... Y avait des bricoles intéressantes la dernière fois bounce
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RVL Jugend
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